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  • Liyang Ma, Paolo Bocchini (2019). OpenSees material for single-bolted connections.

    This code provides a "material" for the OpenSees platform, to efficiently and accurately describe the hysteretic behavior of joints made of a single bolt connecting two plates. These joints are very common in secondary bracings of lattice steel towers for communication or power transmission. The model includes friction, slippage, bolt bearing, and plasticity. The code is open source and the code repository is available on GitHub in C++ and Matlab. More details at: Zenodo link.

  • Wenjuan Sun, Paolo Bocchini, Brian D. Davison (2019). Matlab Program for the otimization simulation in the form of MRCPSP.

    This is an implementation of multi-mode resource constrained project scheduling problem (MRCPSP) in MATLAB. MRCPSP is a form of optimization simulation to develop an optimal schedule of all activities under given resource sontraints. This formation considers that every task may be executed in one out of multiple modes. For instance, an excavation activity in the field may be conducted by heavy machinery in a day, or digged by hand of crews in a week. More details at: Zenodo link.